Welcome, traveler! This is a set of notes of my journey into part of Go's standard library, comprised into a book. I hope you enjoy it! Each chapter provides a dive into some packages. I will provide a brief introduction of what is the main purpose of the package, and some examples to help to understand. In some cases, I will add some references to external content that work either as a complementary view to the topic, or even to extend the coverage of the subject.

Who is this book for?

Ideally you are a software developer, or someone with great interest in how to write code. Having an understanding on the syntax and certain command of the Go programming language will certainly help. However, I will try to keep the explanations as simple as possible in order to be able to reach to a larger audience. And hopefully, this will still be found interesting for those looking for getting a deeper understanding of what tools the language and its runtime has to offer.

Feedback and comments

This book is built entirely using markdown. And it's also hosted publicly on Github. For comments, issues, or any kind of feedback, please use the Spaceship Go repository. PR's are more than wlecome, of any type!

Special thanks

Most of the book is just my interpretation of the Go's standard library. Besides this, I've found that the Go Blog is an extremely useful resource. Big thanks especially to Andrew Gerrand, for all the great contributions he has in that space.

There is also a Youtube channel called just for func, which I also highly recommend. It was particularly useful to prepare the groundwork for the Context chapter. Thanks to its creator, Francesc Campoy.

The cover of the book is based on original work from egonelbre gophers repo